Dyvixion is een Softwarebedrijf gelegen aan Paardendorpseweg 14 in Zelhem.

Meer informatie over Dyvixion in Zelhem

Dyvixion is a modern software that allows users to create and view visual 3D work instructions, assembly instructions, and service procedures. It can be used directly on the HMI and helps increase machine productivity. The software digitizes instructions visually, allowing for the creation of procedures, manuals, and step-by-step documentation in 3D with animation support. Each step in the instructions stores the model state, including camera position, visibility of parts, part positions and rotations, icons as warning signs or tools, and descriptions with referral links. The benefits of using this dynamic visual interactive instruction software include clarity, modularity, flexibility, centralization, and scalability. It can be used in various departments of a company, such as sales and marketing, lean manufacturing, and machine integration. The software also includes a Creator for adding or updating steps and events, and a Viewer for end-users. Dyvixion offers useful applications such as presentation support, manuals, and learning courses. It is available as stand-alone software or as an HMI plug-in for machine operators.

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